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Everything You Need to Know About Freezing Orbeez Water Beads

Water beads, also known as water marbles, are tiny colorful pellets made from water-absorbing polymers. They swell up when soaked in water and are often used for sensory and tactile play.

Can you freeze Orbeez gel beads?

Yes, you can freeze water beads.

Freezing water beads involves soaking them in water and then placing them in the freezer for at least 2 hours. The result will be a block of hard, crunchy water beads. However, it is important to keep in mind that the frozen beads tend to collect condensation, which can create a slippery, wet mess.

When handling frozen water beads, it is best to put them immediately into an air-tight container or plastic bag. If they are not kept in a sealed container, they will start to melt and become limp. If you do decide to freeze your water beads, you should note that they tend to lose their color and become faded when frozen.

Frozen Orbeez/water beads for sensory activity

If you’re looking for a fun activity to do with your kids, frozen Orbeez will provide solid hours of fun. Water beads freeze up like little ice cubes and create a cold sensory experience your kids will love.

Playing with frozen water beads is entertaining and can help kids with their fine motor skills. They can pick them up, roll them around, and squish them. Or maybe whack them with a toy hammer. It’s also fun to give them a squirt bottle filled with warm water and let them melt the frozen beads.

Something to note is that while it’s okay if your child ingests a few water beads (they’re non-toxic), freezing them increases the risk of choking. So best to hold off on this activity if they’re still in the “everything goes in my mouth” stage. (insert article)

When preparing frozen Orbeez for a play session, it’s best if you place them in a big plastic container once you pull them out of the freezer. That way, there’s lots of room to play without causing a huge mess.

One downside to freezing Orbeez is they turn into a mushy mess as they defrost. After you freeze them, that’s it. You can’t reuse your water beads after they’ve been frozen. It’s best to play with the hydrated Orbeez and then freeze them as a final activity.

On freezing Orbeez for gel blasters

It’s highly recommended that you do not freeze your gel blaster balls (yes, I know it can be tempting).

Why? Orbeez just don’t freeze properly to work in gel blasters.

When frozen, Orbeez expand and form ice crystals that will split and crack the outer polymer shell. Using them in your gel blaster (if you can get them to fire) usually results in the gel balls fracturing. Besides not working, you’ll need to clean the splattered gel particles inside. Not fun.

And don’t try to use them in your mag attachments, either. Magazines need soft gels because of how the gear mechanism works. The mag loads the balls by squishing them up into the feeder tube. Frozen gel blaster balls are too hard, and you’ll end up jamming the feeder gear. Goodbye mag, hello mess and burnt out motor.

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